Here are our health and fitness trends

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Healthy Lifestyle

Less dieting and more healthy meals. We are ditching diets and changing our eating habits to a more sustainable, maintainable plans.

At-home and bodyweight workouts

We are spending less time in the gym and instead, resorting to calorie busting, high-intensity, do-anywhere workouts.

Less meat, more plants

Plant-based and vegan diets are set to be a mega-trend this year with more people switching to meat-free foods.

Fit for a purpose training

We are changing our training goals from merely exercising to look good, to working out for a purpose, like being fitter, faster or stronger or training for a marathon or competition.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology continues to increase as more people realize the need to track their workout productivity and fitness levels.

Holistic Health

It’s no longer enough to just exercise – we are spending a lot more time on improving our mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and overall health than ever before. We are more aware of what we put into our bodies, so consuming organic food and using natural products are the way to go.

Outdoor fitness activities

Why would you want to exercise indoors if you could be outside? Park runs, hiking, cycling, outdoor fitness events, boot camp – these are all activities were resorting to instead of being stuck indoors.

Wellness retreats

Disconnecting from the hustle and bustle and spending time improving our overall health and wellbeing is a top priority – the popularity of wellness retreats are therefore increasing.

Environmentally conscious living

With an increase in interest in global warming and its effects, we are becoming aware of our environmental impact, and we are making changes to our lifestyle accordingly.

There’s no doubt that the interest in health, fitness and wellness is growing and with that, more people are committing to healthier, more active lifestyles.

What do you think will be the most significant health, fitness and wellness trend of the year?

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